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Adobe Acrobat / PhotoShop
Adobe offers many fine applications. No web browser would be complete without Acrobat's Viewer. The Acrobat Viewer is a free download and is needed to view a great deal of content on the web. Photoshop is a top notch graphics editor that has been the "industry standard" for many years.
Apple iTunes and QuickTime
Apple's QuickTime provides multimedia enhancements for the web. This free upgrade allows not only video support but also "virtual" panoramic image viewing. The iPod is arguably the best hard disk based MP3 player on the market. When coupled with Apple's iTunes (also free) it rocks. Apple is entering a new world of music support on the web via the iTunes Store. The iTunes Store provides us with LEGAL online purchase of quality digital music.
Crimson Editor
This is a very functional, light weight and free text editor. I found it on September 14, 2001 when I was displaced to a new desk and PC. My criteria was simple that day, I needed an editor immediately, one that was free and available in a zip file (exe files were blocked by the corporate firewall). Crimson Editor was the first that I found that day but I am still using it! Recommended.
MacroMedia Flash and Shockwave
You've got to get "shocked". The Flash and Shockwave players are free enhancements to your browser that enable much of the animation and online games found on the net. Macromedia has a long history of creating quality multimedia applications and currently provides many products for the web and its media.
Microsoft IE and more
Most folks use Internet Explorer to browse the web. Even if you use an older version, you will definitely want to keep your browser up to date with patches. Check the Microsoft site regularly for security patches and other updates. Windows users will enjoy the Media Player for viewing multimedia content online and offline. Windows users should be very careful with DirectX updates. Many multimedia applications are tightly integrated with DirectX and problems are common when using the wrong version of DirectX with some applications. That being said, DirectX upgrades bring performance enhancements and new capabilities to your media experience.
Free MP3 music recorded at reasonable quality levels. An "acceptable" number of advertisements are encountered as you download new and familiar tunes.
MusicMatch Jukebox
This is my favorite software for music playback and management on the PC. MusicMatch Jukebox has been chosen as the top jukebox program by many industry experts over the last few years so this isn't just my choice. Download the free version and form your own opinion.
NASA Image eXchange
a.k.a NIX. The NASA Image eXchange has a wonderful selection of pictures. If you haven't been to any of the NASA web sites lately it is time to give them a fresh look.
Netscape's browser is a fully featured, capable platform. It is still free and behaves well on the same machine as IE. They have a web site that is worth a look and they provide many web related applications.
Paint Shop Pro
This graphics editor has been in my inventory for almost 20 years! Enough said? Okay, maybe not. PSP has a free trial available, give it a try. I recommend both PhotoShop and Paint Shop Pro, if you can afford both! Jasc Software offers many other graphics packages and tools on their web site; check them out.
PD Info
Information on and a source of Public Domain content, focused on music. If you work with video editing or need music for other presentations this site can help.
Real Player
The Real Player provides support for streaming media on your PC. This allows your browser to view much of the multimedia content on the web. Once this free download is installed you can also record and play back MP3 music!
Pierre-e Gougelet created a freeware graphics converter called Nconvert years ago. I have used Nconvert in my scripts for some time to perform batch conversions to groups of image files. XnView is the new flagship product and it continues to be free. Give it a try for your image viewing, conversion and management needs.

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