Contrast, Balance and Perspective

a.k.a. About The Artist    

Dale A. Johnson studied art in school while majoring in electronics. He learned to love the beach as a boy, the mountains as a young man and the city as an adult. He enlisted in the Air Force and indulged in photography and oil painting when he was not fixing aircraft communication systems. Labeled a hippie in the mid 70's, he was an instructor for the USAF by 1980. In the early 80's he thought personal computers were toys not tools; by the mid 80's computer systems had become both his livelihood and creative canvas.
While living in New Jersey and pursuing a career working on Wall Street's computer systems, Dale never relinquished his artistic side. He turned his keen eye, analytical mind, and abundant patience toward digital photography as a respite from the business world. His photography captures scenes from refreshing perspectives under interesting lighting conditions. The technique he uses to render digital art is clearly not the norm. He creates images that are sometimes reminiscent of the Impressionist era, sometimes similar to Norman Rockwell's work. An occasional 'watercolor' or abstract is added for flavor. Subject matter is clearly a reflection of his passions, ranging from a beautiful sunset to a scenic beach or the bold lines of the city. The results are stunning works that tend to bring viewers closer to the subject and leave them with good feelings.
Prior to Sept. 11, 2001, the World Trade Center had been the subject of many of his photographs. On 9/11 Dale had his camera in one hand and his heart in the other. Since then, photographing the lower Manhattan skyline has been a sad reminder of that day, but he has endeavored to preserve the moments for the sake of those who will always want to remember.
Whether he is building systems or creating art, Dale's unique computer abilities shine through. View more of his work online at and judge for yourself. You will likely enjoy the visit to his web site.

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