PicSite Revision History

Humble Beginings
The PicSite scripts were created in the wake of Sept 11. I had been thinking about updating my previous tools that manage photo album / gallery creation but I had not decided on a specific direction for the project. My earlier tools depended on commercial products or required a web server (ASP pages). I have a vast collection of photos that include the WTC. I decided to offer some of them to anyone that had an interest. The tool was to be provided as a complement to the WTC photos. I was working in an almost all Unix shop at the time when one of the developers made a remark about the "brain dead DOS prompt". That decided it, I would write the new tools in Windows shell script.

Design Objectives:
  • Create only simple html pages for long term compatibility reasons.
  • Depend only on Freeware tools.
  • Low file count and small file sizes.
  • Support entire directory structures.
  • Work effectively with thousands of images.
  • Never modify the original image file.
  • Version 1.0.1
    This release was made on June 5, 2003. It is a minor update that:
  • Improved the Slide Show menu page.
  • Improved help pages.
  • Reduced character count on some created files.
    Example: *-Thumb.jpg became *-TN.jpg.
  • Files in the zip:
  •       11/13/2001  06:31p               3,498 PicsReName.cmd
          06/05/2003  08:31a              10,283 PicShow.cmd
          06/05/2003  08:33a               6,644 PicScale.cmd
          06/05/2003  08:30a               9,946 PicsPage.cmd
          06/05/2003  09:11a               7,019 PicSite.cmd
          06/05/2003  11:28a              34,293 PicsNav.cmd
          12/16/2002  09:07a             398,336 nconvert.exe
    Version 1.0.0.d
    The initial release was completed on November 20, 2001.
    Warranty / Support Information
    There is None! These are scripts, they should be modified! I will only promise this:
    If these scripts ever cause harm to my machines I will alert the public and resolve the issue. Failing resolution of any issues I will remove them from my machines, including this site. If you have trouble with them email me via the contact page on this site, I will make an effort to assist.

    These scripts are truly ugly, as scripts tend to be.
    They do their job well, as all scripts should.