Search Page Download

This download is free for personal use and runs off of your local disk or personal web site. Professional use should include a visible link to or be edited enough to be called your own ;-)
The web search page can be sampled here and it's help page is here.
To Download:
  • Click here to download the zip file. The file is under 52 Kbytes so it should download very quickly.
  • When your browser offers you choices to Open, Save or Cancel pick Save.
  • Select the folder for the file to be saved in and remember it's location.
  • Installation:
  • Open the folder that was saved to.
  • Unzip the contents of to your disk.
    It is recommended that you create a folder specifically for the numerous search page files.
  • Usage:
  • Open the search.htm file in your browser.
  • When the page opens in your browser save it to your Favorites.