About the Search Page

Browsers have built in tools to provide basic search functions but they tend to dedicate valuable screen space to "search bars". I created my first search page over 5 years ago and found it to be very useful. You will probably like it too.

Search Page Benefits

  • The forms (text boxes) remember your prior searches.
  • New windows open for each search allowing various results to be viewed concurently.
  • Makes it easy to search multiple keyword combinations.

  • Search Page Usage

  • Each logo is a link to the site's main page. Simple click it to open a new browser window to the site.
  • Below each logo is a box for you to type in your search keywords. Enter keywords then click the search, find or shop button. A new window will display the results.
  • Doubleclick a blank text box to display a complete list of prior searches (most browsers). Type the first characters and previous matching keywords will display so you can repeat prior searches.

  • HTML Editors
    Page and font colors can be controlled by editing the normal.css file. It is easy to add or delete the linked sites. Understanding forms usage is really all it takes.

    Respect the copyrights of all linked pages! You may edit these pages to meet your needs and preferences. If you would like to put this page into use on a public web site please edit the code enough to call it your own or include a link to DalesMedia.com

    The simple things often help the most. /enjoy.